Why Build with Patterson

When you decide to build your own home, the most important decision you can make is who your builder will be. A custom home builder makes or breaks your experience. You need a partner that you trust.

We’d love to be that partner.

Here are a few reasons why Patterson Homes is set apart as a custom home builder in the industry.

Quality Materials = Quality Homes

High quality materials feel like a non-negotiable to us. It’s hard to describe the extent to which we believe this as a business. We know that homes are intended to be built to last. You’re not going to swap out your custom home with the seasons. The last thing you want is to find yourself a few years down the road with repairs and adjustments to make. Quality is essential, and it requires intentionality on the front end. We spend time looking for solid, durable materials to build high quality homes.

Unique Features

We carefully consider the needs and desires of the families we work with, and work with consideration and intention to create home features and amenities to serve them. We believe it’s the little things that will trigger daily joy in your home. We choose distinct features that are unique to our business and to our clients.

On Time & On Budget

Every builder says it, but we mean it. Patterson owner, Casey, is very hands on in every building project. We take personal responsibility for managing the timeliness and cost effectiveness of each home. Because quality and distinctive features are important to us, we focus extra attention here.

Clients are Involved

Another distinction between the Patterson process and others is the level of client involvement we offer. This element is not critical, and if you need a more hands-off experience then that’s what you’ll get. But for those who want to be included in regular communication, efficient decision making, and stress-free fun throughout the process then Patterson may be the builder for you. Our client portal makes it easy and effective for you to communicate, make decisions and see process on your time and from anywhere. Read more about it in our recent blog: https://patterson-constructiongroup.com/what-is-the-client-portal/

Community Rapport

This is our blog, so we know it’s easy to write off these highlights. But the truth is, we’ve been in the business of custom home building for 16 years and the community has spoken generously of us.

“We knew instantly when we first met Casey Patterson that we had found our builder. Patterson Homes prides itself on getting the job done and getting it done right in a timely manner. By meeting with Casey and Dianna and sharing ideas with them, we had the privilege to add final details that elevated our house to a home filled with care, love, and happiness. Our home is a wild dream come true and we can’t thank Patterson Homes enough for all of their patience, skill and hard work.”

– Jeff & Sandy Gensiak

When we chose Casey Patterson to build our home in St. Amant, Louisiana we knew he would do a great job. But we also thought we would be doing a lot of the legwork ourselves, simply due to the fact that we knew he lived in Central, about a 1 hour drive from our new home. However, when our construction began, he was always there, making sure things were done just the way we wanted them. We love our home!

– Reid and Jessica Alexander

We work really hard to be trustworthy, servant-hearted, considerate and others-oriented in our work. We don’t take the responsibility of building your home lightly, and we hope it shows.

To learn more about the custom home building process with Patterson, reach out at (225) 270-1041 or Dianna@patterson-constructiongroup.com.