I Swore I'd Never Build Again

“I had a trying experience 30 years ago building a home with another builder and swore I would never build again.”

Home building is sometimes not for the faint of heart. We hear stories like this and know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Custom home building should be a process that you can enjoy and be excited about. It is an opportunity to meet your unique needs and desires- to select the things that are important to you.

“Casey asked me to trust him and it was well worth putting my trust in him. I would whole heartedly recommend Patterson Homes for your next home building experience. You will not be disappointed.” – Suzanne Berthelot

Our Philosophy on Custom Home Building

Your priorities are our priority. We get to know our clients’ needs and wants, and that becomes our desire too. Patterson Homes ultimate goal is to build a home our clients love, which means honoring and elevating their input. We sit down and spend the time to learn what will best serve you, and that continues throughout the entirety of the building process.

Quality is never compromised. It’s pervasive in the home building industry to cut cost on materials and infrastructure to afford the opportunity for shiny amenities. However, we believe in building a strong foundation with special touches on top. Patterson homes will be beautiful and high-quality construction.

A simple and efficient process. We’ve been in the business long enough to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Our expertise and experience make it possible to create a streamlined approach that works for our clients. We handle it all- from planning through execution. Patterson Homes is a comprehensive design-develop-build contractor, simplifying the process and making it an enjoyable experience for you, our client.

We hear stories like Suzanne’s and know that there is an opportunity to write a different story and create a better experience. You shouldn’t have to compromise on the home your family wants and needs.

We get it, you’re not a home builder. That’s our job! When building a custom home, the client should be working with a contractor that is experienced in the field, seeks their best interest, and strives for excellent work. We want you to enjoy the home building experience- and most of all, we want you to love your home and the life you build there.

Our vision for every home we build is that it would be as strong and sound as it is beautiful and welcoming.If that sounds like the home you want, let’s talk. We’d love to tell you more about what it looks like to build a home with Patterson Homes. Get in touch with us: https://patterson-constructiongroup.com/contact/