Townhomes: The Fulfillment of Your Lifestyle Dreams?

When you consider retiring, do you think of days spent maintaining your now empty nest? As you look forward to your career growth, do you dream of hours doing blistering hot lawn care at the end of your work week? Now that you’re building a family, are you excited by the thought of endless projects and repairs as your babies run around you?

We didn’t think so. 

As you consider your future home, there may be more options than you think.

Our minds typically go straight to house-buying when we begin to think about real estate purchases. However, that may not be the best fit for you, your life stage, or your finances. 

The days you’re looking forward to probably aren’t filled with chores, financial strain and added responsibility. You’ve got enough of that. 

We’re here to offer you an alternative- the fulfillment of your lifestyle goals. 

Townhomes: Where the living is easy.

Low maintenance. Affordable. Accommodating. Investment without the cost. 

You really can have it all!

These are just a few of the overwhelming benefits of townhome ownership.

Townhomes are commonly associated with a row of narrow, two-story little houses attached on one side or both. But this is not the true definition of a townhome.

Townhouse status is actually determined by ownership. A townhouse property is distinct from apartment or condo properties because it includes ownership of the land the home is on, as well as the interior and exterior structures.

Another common feature of townhouse ownership is membership in community homeowners association (HOA). This is your ticket to luxury. 

As a part of this organization, regulations are in place that keep your community beautiful and maintained with no time or work on your part. Your HOA will cover trash pick-up, common areas, lawn care on your lot and MORE!

Who is a good fit as a townhome buyer?

You’ve worked hard and you want to enjoy the life you’ve created. Townhomes are a great opportunity to give you the freedom and capacity to invest in your home without being enslaved to it. 

Townhouse ownership is perfect for those who want the stability and financial investment of ownership, but just don’t have time for all of that maintenance. Townhouse owners have an easily maintainable level of responsibility and involvement with their property. This is a great opportunity for those dipping their toes in to homeownership or with little experience owning property before.

Townhouses are also a little easier on the bank. The properties are cheaper than traditional stand-alone homes and have less financial risk for maintenance of your property and surrounding areas. Homeowners association dues are also typically cheaper for a townhome as opposed to a condo or similar property, because the HOA is not responsible for maintenance of your physical structure.

This may be perfect for a family with little time or resources to maintain property, or retired individuals looking to downsize.

Perks of a Townhome

 So, let’s recap the perks of living in a townhome:

  • Have a lawn without the maintenance.
  • Be a part of a close-knit community.
  • Amenities (if available) such as an onsite gym, pool, park, or other recreational spaces.
  • More affordable purchase price and homeowners’ dues.
  • Feel safer in such close proximity with neighbors you know.
  • Invest in a home, rather than continuing to put funds toward renting.
  • Less responsibility with the similar benefits to single-home ownership.

Does townhouse ownership sound like it might be for you? Patterson Homes recently built a community of upscale townhomes in The Virage at Magnolia Square. There are 2 and 3 bedroom options available within walking distance to Stab’s restaurant, Avant Tous Spa, and other community perks. We’d love to talk with you about if investing in a townhome is the best decision for you. Email or call (225) 270-1041 to discuss your opportunities.