What is the Client Portal & How Does it Help?

We’ve heard one too many stories of horrible building experiences. In an attempt to protect our clients from the disorganization, delays and frustrating unknowns – Patterson Homes invested in an innovative client portal that we believe prevents stress, relieves unknowns, and keeps the process smooth and enjoyable. 

client portal

What Does the Client Portal Do?

We’re so glad you asked. The client portal does SO MUCH.

Patterson Homes clients get access to the portal from the very beginning, starting with the bidding process. This means we can keep track of many elements and every step of your home building process in one place. Here are some of the different elements the client portal provides.

  • • Financial Tracking – See a full budget complete with contractor costs, vendor quotes, and selections decisions all in one place. When you make a decision or get back a quote, you can see the direct effect to the cost of your home building and how it effects your budget as a whole. Know where you stand financially every step of the way.

  • • Process Prompts – You can follow the timeline of your building process each step of the way. Not only that, but the portal will alert you when the builders and vendors will need something from you. You’ll always have a heads up for what is next and know what decisions or approvals you need to make.

  • • Centralized Communication – Instead of having multiple streams of communication on different platforms with different vendors all over town, you can keep everything in one place. Take out the middle man. Communicate with vendors inside the portal to keep the builder, vendor and yourself all on the same page. This organizes everyone on to the same timeline as well.

  • • App Availability – Download an app on your phone for the portal so that communication can happen on the go. Get real-time updates and provide feedback when and wherever is convenient for you.

  • • Photo Updates – Our team can provide photo updates as soon as they happen for the client to see for themselves, no matter their schedule. Maybe your new home is out of the way or it just can’t fit in your schedule. No worries. We’ll post photo updates in the portal for your reference.
client portal

What Are the Benefits of the Portal?

All of this sounds fancy and all, but what is the benefit of having these features?

  • • Efficiency – Keeping all the components of your process in one place, organizing the multiple action items, streamlining communication between vendors and third-parties… things are just smoother with the portal in use!

  • • Accuracy – Know exactly where you’re at in the process and in your finances. Make selections that are communicated to all vendors so no one is confused. Keep everyone on the same page. You can also upload photos yourself when you don’t know how to explain something in words.

  • • Instantaneousness – Get updates and provide information in real time. See the implications on your budget as soon as a quote is given.

  • • Enjoyment – Eliminate the major pain points of building with a streamlined process. So often the frustrations of a disorganized building experience takes away from why you wanted to build a home in the first place. Experience the enjoyment of creating a home that you love by using the portal for logistical ease.

The client portal exists to make the process smooth and fun for our clients. Overall, we want it to function as a way to keep you informed, ensure you’re getting what you want and need out of your vendors, and streamline information so that you’re not overwhelmed. Your experience is important to us. That’s why we’ve invested in this tool for you.

Want to learn more about the Patterson process? We’d love to chat. Email Dianna@Patterson-Homes.com for more information.